Losing a Relative…..

Today as I woke up I saw a text from my cousin informing me that a cousin of ours had passed away. I felt sad and loss at words for he was still young and with lots of years to live. When these events happen in your life you start to realize that “LaVida Es Corta” and we should express to our loved ones how we feel. Everyday we are given a chance to show the special people in our lives the LOVE that we have for them. It could be giving them a kiss on the cheek, making coffee for them in the morning, a hug (just because), buying them flowers, gifts, calling them unexpectedly or just by simply saying I LOVE YOU!. Let’s fill, share more Love because when we spread Love the World becomes a better place…..

Love, Love and More Love,

Kat Neige



Hello to All….

I am starting again to Blog, let’s see if I can be consistent. I felt the need to give it another try, now I have to watch my grammar, jejeje. My creative side was screaming Hey!!!! what about me, did you forget?. As much as I try to live a what you call a normal Vida, I can’t just be a regular Joe. I am not trying to offend the regular Joe’s (hi by the way) I feel the need to express myself and this a great outlet, so here I go again (as a matter of fact I am listening to that song Here I go Again by “WHITESNAKE” as I write these words) You May be wondering the Name well Kat comes from my original name and Neige means snow in French, I wanted to give it a European feeling to it (since I love Europe). That is all for today,


Kat Neige