I come from immigrant parents, the decided to emigrate to this country looking for a better place, life among other things. My mother was a young woman when I came into this world as well as my dad. They tried to give me a much better life that they had. I tell them now that they have achieved it, thanks Mom (whatever decisions I have made whether is correct or incorrect, I assume all responsibilities).  I have been a very fortunate woman and I am not saying (fortune as wealth) but having Lots of LOVE, support from my family, friends and co-workers. Life has been great to me in numerous ways, I consider myself to be blessed. I have so much GRATITUDE in my heart, I TRY to give THANKS everyday for it. There has been ups and downs as well but I have tried to always keep a positive outlook of things and it has worked for me. Please feel free to leave me a question, comment I would gladly appreciate it.

Lots of Love,

Kat Neige


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