Hello to All….

I am starting again to Blog, let’s see if I can be consistent. I felt the need to give it another try, now I have to watch my grammar, jejeje. My creative side was screaming Hey!!!! what about me, did you forget?. As much as I try to live a what you call a normal Vida, I can’t just be a regular Joe. I am not trying to offend the regular Joe’s (hi by the way) I feel the need to express myself and this a great outlet, so here I go again (as a matter of fact I am listening to that song Here I go Again by “WHITESNAKE” as I write these words) You May be wondering the Name well Kat comes from my original name and Neige means snow in French, I wanted to give it a European feeling to it (since I love Europe). That is all for today,


Kat Neige


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